GU63 Preview: Withered Lands

Adventurers assist the New Combine Empire delve into the corrupted forest as they seek out the dragon city of Skyshrine.

Game Update 63 is on the horizon, opening up two more adventuring levels (for those with 280+ AAs), two additional crafting levels, new apprentices and mercenaries and, most importantly, new content in the form of an overlands zone and dungeon. The dragon ruler of Skyshrine, Yelinak, united Freeport and Qeynos into a wary alliance named the New Combine Empire, and instructed them on how to break through the storm barrier and reach the Withered Lands.

Upon reaching the Withered Lands, adventurers are greeted by the New Combine Empire, which is having some growing pains as well as trouble progressing through the corrupted forest on its way to Skyshrine. Several times throughout the zone these soldiers call upon players for assistance with new obstacles in the foreign environment.

The Withered Lands were once known as the Wakening Lands; during this time long ago, the Plane of Growth touched this region. Creatures known as the Protectors of Growth were dedicated to preserving the area and would defend it to the death. The corruption of the forest has taken a toll on the Protectors of Growth and their numbers have dwindled. They now welcome help from outsiders within the few sanctuaries that remain.


The Deepwater Circle is present all over the Withered Lands, seeking help with their research. Many of its members are intrigued by the new environment and how the corruption has affected the once lush forests. Other researchers are dedicated to trying to help the various natives of the region with the problems plaguing them.

A final stop before the dragon city of Skyshrine is the Village of Alivan, a dracurion outpost. The denizens here have their own troubles with the legion of the Awakened assaulting them and contact with Skyshrine cut off. Assist the dracurions to pave the way for the New Combine Empire to help the dragon city in its battle against the Awakened.

Game Update 63 is slated to launch on Tuesday, April 17. Check out our Withered Lands Zone Guide and Quest Series Guide!


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