Diablo III Approved For Korea With No Cash Trades

Diablo III has been approved in Korea! We reported about a week and a half back that Diablo III was running into a wall that was the South Korean Game Rating Board (GRB) - especially ont he topic of D3's Real Money Auction House. Well, you can always trust Blizzard to find a way through, although this time their solution might not have been as elegant as they'd hoped.

The Korean Times are reporting that Blizzard, in their third submission to the South Korean Game Rating Board, had stripped out any cash-trading features in the game. Of course, the GRB was wise to Blizzard's crafty omissions, and they fired a stern warning to the developer, noting that "[t]he feature involving for-cash trades between users was not included in the presentation to the rating committee, and thereit was not subjected to scrutiny. . . If 'item trade for cash' is added to the current version in service changes, it would... open up re-rating examinations."

So I guess a world premiere is still very viable for Blizzard, but as to whether they want to completely scrap their RMT auction house in Korea remains to be seen.


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