The Friendly Faces of Velious

Meet the various races and factions that inhabit the new continent!

Monsters and other non-player characters are not just leveling fodder. They give depth, story and color to the vast world we choose to inhabit. As we explored Velious with Heroes of Test we met a huge cast of races and factions that make Velious more than just a chilly place to get a flying mount. Continue reading as we acquaint you with the friendly faces encountered on the continent of Velious.

The Othmir

The Othmir - After surviving the Rending, this race went on to secure its livelihood under its Speaker, Nipik. Now the race battles the undead surging out from the Tower of Frozen Shadow in the Great Divide as well as the Yha-lei and Kromzek attacking them in their haven in the Eastern Wastes.

The Snowfang GnollsThe Snowfang Gnolls - Facing extinction from starvation, the Snowfangs try to survive the brutal conditions of the Icy Fingers while beating back the undead. Some of these gnolls have been driven insane and have turned on their own kind and the Othmir.

The Deepwater Circle - The Duality that is Al'Kabor and Dartain wishes to learn more about the lands of Velious and has sent out his researchers to unearth its rich history. Found all over Velious, they are seeking help in finding resources and historical information to fill out their research reports.

The Coldain - The home of the Coldain is Thurgadin, a cavernous city that has withstood various enemy attacks for centuries. Determined to keep the Order of Rime at bay, the Coldain are amassing their forces to hold them back at Storm Gorge in the Great Divide. Some ingenious battle leaders are seeking adventurers to infiltrate the dungeons held by Kraytoc and his followers.

The Goahmari - This peaceful race once dwelt high in the mountains of the Great Divide, staying away from the war and strife of others below. The Rending forced them to lower ground as the continent of Velious was reshaped in the turmoil. Now the Goahmari, master gryphon trainers, welcome travelers and will entrust one of their own gryphons to those who prove themselves worthy.

The TizmakThe Tizmak - A race of fierce warriors, the Tizmak survived the catastrophic events of the past and continue to thrive within their caves in the Great Divide. Only by mistake will an adventurer cross the path of the Tizmak out on the Daggerflow Glacier.

The Ry'Gorr Orcs - Reports have come in that the Ry'Gorr Orcs have been seen working with the Kromriff giants in both the Great Divide and the Eastern Wastes. This race is being torn apart from within by threats of wrongdoings by the Kromriff as well as the remnants of the Crystal Caverns reopening. Former enemies of all, the Ry'Gorr are willing to allow those who help them recapture their rage within their keep.

The Geonids - These sentient beings of precious rock were shattered from their collective mind when their leader, Phenocryst, went missing. Now these beings wander aimlessly within their caverns in the Eastern Wastes, hoping that one who can retain memories can help them reassemble the missing remnants of their past.

The Order of Rime - This militaristic group was first seen by adventurers in the lands of Kunark. Now as those same adventurers return to the fabled lands of Velious, the Order of Rime can be found everywhere in the Great Divide, besieging the land with their lust for conquest. Only those who once befriended the Rime can once again infiltrate their ranks and try to gain the upper hand.

The Ry'Gorr Orcs


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