EQ2 Blog: Part II of III - "What's The Best Class"

In the last installment I went over the all too commonly asked questions: What's the best class? & Which class is most popular?

This week I'll cover three more common inquiries by those new to Norrath in hopes that I'll save a few people the time they would normally spend typing out their questions and awaiting the answers. Time which should preferrably spent Questing and Adventuring in Norrath!

Read on!

"Which Class Solos The Best?"

There is a very simple answer to this question. All of them.

It's common sense really. If one class were better than all the rest, wouldn't most people be playing that class? I don't recall seeing 1000 Brigands or Warlocks running around East Freeport Docks. I'm suddenly having creepy flashbacks of Suess' Star Bellies. *shudders*.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while you might think that you'll never do anything but solo your entire EQ2 career. That's just not realistic. Eventually, you're going to make friends that will want you to come out and group with them and enjoy some of the group/duo content that's available. If such a class was available that did nothing but solo effectively; you might find yourself living a very lonely Norrathian life.

So, back to my original point. All the classes have their strengths and weaknesses. My Assassin is literally a lawn mower when she blows through the mobs. Sometimes, even mobs 3 or 4 levels higher and conned orange to her. However, she has no way to heal herself except by consuming potions and with the reuse timers that's not going to help very much when I'm staring at a red health bar.

On the other hand, my Fury can handle one or two mobs of equal or a couple levels higher, but at a slower pace. The same area that my Assassin cleaned out in 10 minutes might take my Fury as long as 45 minutes. The trade off is slower progression, but the safety net of several different heals. Very rarely is she at risk of seeing a revive window unless I bite off more than I can chew.

So, I could go on with 22 other examples. But, I think you're getting the point.

"Which Class Is Most In Demand?"

This is not going to take much of an explanation. They are all in demand. And, in the final installment I'll go over the reasons why you should never ask such a question. So keep an eye out for that next week.

Depending on which server you are on, there is rarely if ever a shortage of any class. In a small to medium sized guild there might be an issue when doing scheduled raids. However, for large guilds and PUG (Pick Up Group) Raids there will always be somebody out there willing to tag along for the loot, experience and AA (Achievement Awards).

The only time you may run in to a problem in which there is no need for your class, is when your server population becomes too small. This is usually a temporary problem and again, probably not an issue if you are in a large guild anyways. And, if you're like most EQ2 addicts, you'll have an arsenal of alts to choose from while your favorite character weathers out their "dry spell".

Finally there is the issue of class saturation. When everyone starts creating the "Flavor of the Week" then there is a chance that a server might experience a saturation of that particular class. Again, see my Solo reference to 1000 Brigands and Warlocks running around. So, when somebody asks "Which class is most in demand?" and 20,000 people read that thread then immediately roll this elusive class; there's likely to 19,000 people sitting in the various zones with "LFG" dangling over their heads.

"Which Class Is Best At End Game?"

Don't worry about it. Unless you are a power gamer with a mini-fridge and a bladder bag by your desk, you are not likely to reach Level 80 in a month. And, a lot can happen in 30 days to your chosen class and/or the game mechanics.

I'll get more in to this scenario in the final installment of this series. But, one example is Class Balancing. Today the Shadow Knight might be the Top Dog when it comes to T8 (Level 70-80) raiding, PvP or farming. However, the reasons this class may be Top Dog is that during a recent patch on of its abilities were mis-programmed. And, much to your dread, this faux paux is corrected right about the time you dinged Level 69. Wotcha gonna do now? Guess you'll just have to settle with being adequate like everyone else and write all those bladder bags off as a savings on your water bill instead.


I think most people following this series are beginning to see a pattern. However, in closing I'll emphasize again: Pick the class that you enjoy playing. Do not pick a class just because its the Flavor of the Week because while you're not really stuck playing it; You don't get those hours back that you've invested in to its development. And, as of yet, there is no magical "Click Here To Change Your Class" button.

Till next time..

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