EQ2 Blogs: Part I of III - What's The Best Class

I spend an awful lot of time helping out players new to EverQuest II. In the forums. In game. And, even here on the Allakhazam forums and IRC Chat. For the most part, its very rewarding. Recently however, I'm seeing a new breed of questions becoming more and more consistent in the New Player forums and chat rooms. In this installment I'll cover the first of three increasingly disturbing inquiries from our newest additions to the world of Norrath.

"Which class is the most popular?" aka "Which is the best class?"

Read on!

Venekor Server
"Putting The F.U. Back In To FUN!"

-----------------------------------------Anybody who haunts the forums, official or fansite, has seen it before. 6 or 7 posts by new players, always asking the same questions over and over again. And, frankly, the insistance in which I'm seeing in these posts is begining to frighten me.

"Which Class is most popular?", variations include, "Which Class is most in demand?", "What's the best Class to Solo with?".

In the past, I've happily copied, pasted and personalized my responses to these lost souls. Most often, these people are immigrants from games such as WoW where the only goal in the game is to reach "End Game". They are usually much more concerned about the popularity and success of their character 80 levels from now than they are actually playing a game and having fun.

I realize that in other games, there is an emphasis on performing well during group and raid scenarios. The same is true in EverQuest II. But, at what point are you willing to sacrafice "Fun" for "Success"?

Let me give you a real world comparison. You're in high school and you visit your career councelor. Instead of asking you what you want to do with your life, you ask him/her what they think you should do. And, in response they state that the only way you'll succeed in your life and career is if you become a Garbage Man. (No offense to sanitary engineers).

How could they be wrong? I mean, everyone needs a Garbage Man right? Granted you may not enjoy disposing of people's refuse. Each day may actually make you miserable. But, the most important thing is that you are in demand, most popular and thirty years from now be very, very successful. Right?

I thought this was a video game. Let me emphasize, game! Games are meant to be fun and entertaining. They're what we do after we come home from our job. Why would anyone want to come home from work. Login to EQ2, and spend 2 to 8 hours doing something they aren't enjoying. Just because somebody else told them that's what they should do?

My Advice.. Don't Be A Lemming!

Don't worry about what class is popular this week. Don't concern yourself with how well your character is going to perform one year from now. And, in the name of everything sacred and holy, stop taking people's advice in the forums and chat rooms as gospel!!

Spyder's Tips For Success In Character Creation.

1. Race Selection: Pick a race you find the most asthetically pleasing for whatever reason. Role Play, etc. Ignore that urge to run to the forums and ask which race has the best beginning stats and/or abilities. Just pick a class that looks like it will be fun to play.

2. Class Selection: Choose a class that you think will be fun. Period. Researching the forums for ideas is always encouraged. But, the behavior that I see the most frequently is the drone like draw to that "New Topic" button in the Newbie Yard instead of scrolling through the recent topics. In fact, while it may seem contradictory, I would even suggest that new players avoid the Newbie Yard all together until they've had a chance to browse through the Class Forums and Server Forums.

Once you've found a class or two that looks entertaining, roll it. Don't look back. Don't open your browser. Roll it.

3. Server Selection: Everybody wants to be around lots of people with common interests right? Wrong. Some people enjoy a very low key existance in their Virtual World of choice. The "best server" is not always the most populated one for many folks. In fact, many people seek out the solitude of a small community.

A new player must also remember that there are 4 different types of servers in EQ2. 6 if you count the European and Test servers.

a.) PvE - Generic and most common server in EQ2. These servers have no special rules or conditions.
b.) RP - Role Playing. This is a choice you must be very careful about if you enjoy RP or can't stomach being around it. People who dislike RP, yet roll a character on it because it has a large population remind me of those who go to AA meetings to meet new people.. usually on their way home from a happy hour.
c.) PvP - If you like to kill other people. These are the servers for you. If the thought of another player killing you gives you nightmares at night, then this obviously is not the choice for you.
d.) SE - Station Exhcange. If the idea of hard work and effort makes you yawn; and you have an expendable income. By all means, join a SE server where you can purchase items and coin with real life, hard earned cash. You can even purchase an "End Game" character.

If you have no idea what a b, c or d are; then you should roll on a PvE server and get your feet wet before rolling on one of the other servers.

And for crimany sake.. don't go to the forums and ask "Which is the best server?" As a matter of fact you STILL should not have your browser open yet!

4. Choose your name wisely: From time to time, somebody will ask me why its so difficult for them to find a group of players to go out and quest with. Most of the time, they're just not looking in the right place. Once in a while however, its blatantly obvious why they are a social outcast. For example, a fellow sent me a /tell a while back and I had to rub my eyes to be sure I wasn't seeing things when his character's name appeared in my chat window.

Ilikemen tells you: hi.. want to group with me?

I had to double check and make sure I hadn't accidentally opened Yahoo Messenger instead of EQ2 when I received this message. Well, this poor hatchling was only a week old and already an outcast. Turns out he was a huge Men Without Hats fan, however the only name that fit was "Ilikemen".

Also, something to note.. if you choose to play on a RP server; be considerate of those who are actually role playing and attempting to submerse themselves in the world of Norrath. As a role player myself, nothing yanks me out of that submersion more than watching somebody trot by wearing a santa hat and toting a name like "Gonorea". (True name.. gah)

5. T4 Is End Game: Go in to the game with this mentaility and you'll be much happier as a result. Do not delete your character because he/she is having a hard time finding groups at level 10. Or because your spells or abilities are not packing enough wallop at level 15. Most classes do not start to show their real potential until level 30 when they have attained the full array of spells/abilities and some good Acheivement experience built up. If, at level 30, you find that your character is not what you had hoped for; go back to the character creation and roll a different class. You have 7 character slots. 12 if you upgraded to the Station Pass. Use them all until you find the class that is just right for you at T4.

Now You Can Open Your Browser.

Go to the Class Forums and learn everything there is to know about your class of choice. Too many people button mash their hotbars without having any clue what each spell/ability does. And, then leap on the forums asking why their class sucks so much. Button mashing is like taking a knife to gun fight. You are indeed going to suck if your Fury is spending all its power healing your 100% health bar at the beginning of a fight!

Browse the Newbie Yard. Do not post. Read at least every post on the first page. I would even reccomend reading the second page as well. On a typical day, the same 5 questions are asked over and over again. With the same people replying over and over again with the same answers.

If after reading each and every post, you still have a question that hasn't been answered... Search the forums. I know. You thought I was going to say it was ok to Post a new topic didn't ya? Not yet.

While the game is brand new for you.. EQ2 did not go live yesterday. You are probably not the first person in 5 years to have a question about something. Search first instead of posting your question cause there's a good chance that its already been asked and answered sometime over the past 5 years.

Now you can post your question...

As long as it isn't "Which class is best?".

In Closing.

I don't expect that this installment will purge the forums of mindless lemmings in a single day. I realize some people have a tough time making decisions on their own. But, if I've accomplished anything today or even with the upcoming installments. I hope I prevented at least one person from clicking on "New Topic".

Next installment I'll tackle the "Easy Mode Conspiracy"! Same Bat Time.. Same Bat Channel!



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newbie questions
# Jun 12 2008 at 1:38 PM Rating: Decent
113 posts
I have noticed the exact thing as Syder. I actually never answer those general questions because frankly, I don't have an answer. I always play a Ranger (in every game I play in fact), and I played one in EQ2 even though everyone was saying they were nerfed, and no one needed them in raids. My response, was I don't care, I'm playing a ranger. And guess what, I raid as much as I care too, and if I'm not ubber enough to tear something down solo, I find help. My soul is happy.

I rolled lots of alts to sample the field. I find I like shammy type healers just fine, and every flavor of scout. Even my necro I enjoy. But the wizzy languishes in carpenter ****, and the guardian.. well I don't like standing toe to toe with any mob, I don't care if they are needed end game. And monks? Not for me, ditto the true healers.

For three years now I've been enjoying the Deverry cousins and I've yet to reach level 80 on any of them. I'm just having too much fun along the way. If this guide can incourage more people to do the same, well Huzzah!!
May Tunare stand between you and all the dark places you must walk.

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newbie questions
# Jun 12 2008 at 1:37 PM Rating: Decent
113 posts

Edited, Jun 12th 2008 2:44pm by mhuygen
May Tunare stand between you and all the dark places you must walk.

<a href='http://eqplayers.station.sony.com/character_profile.vm?characterId=438086673549'><img src='http://eqplayers.station.sony.com/signature/438086673549.png'></a>
# Jun 04 2008 at 3:50 PM Rating: Decent
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Thank goodness we have idiots like this to decide which questions are good and which aren't.
Newbie questions
# Jun 03 2008 at 12:08 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
I came back to EQ after leaving for a little over a year. I found myself asking these questions to myself again because the toons I left I just didn't feel like playing anymore due to soloing etc. I started to ask friends and looking through forums then I realized I need to play something that just makes me happy. I know people say oh be a healer we need those but you know it just wouldn't make me happy. I found a class that made another good fit for myself letting me do I want for my spare time. Now I'm happy with a level 30+ and just having a blast. I see your point when stating if you do things to make others happy but not yourself then you are just not going to be happy and leave or re-roll fustrated. When it comes to any online gaming just play what you want that makes you happy IMO.
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