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EQ2 Item:Badger Plushie100
eq2 item:Animal Plushie Pack95
eq2 item:Piranha Plushie95
eq2 item:Baby Dragon Plushie Pack93
eq2 item:Crow Plushie87
eq2 item:Geoplet Plushie87
eq2 item:Voodoo Plushie87
eq2 item:Loyal Wolf Pup Plushie85
eq2 item:Discount Bundle: House Plushie Pack84
eq2 item:Betsy Plushie84
eq2 item:Bugbear Plushie84
eq2 item:Sphinx Plushie84
EQ2 Item:Arctic Monitor Plushie80
EQ2 Item:Black Baby Dragon Plushie80
EQ2 Item:Blue Baby Dragon Plushie80
EQ2 Item:Green Baby Dragon Plushie80
EQ2 Item:Indigo Baby Dragon Plushie80
EQ2 Item:Magical Marsh Frog Plushie80
EQ2 Item:Magical Pack Camel Plushie80
EQ2 Item:Magical Yellow Drake Plushie80
EQ2 Item:Pink Baby Dragon Plushie80
EQ2 Item:Red Baby Dragon Plushie80
eq2 item:Fire Devil Plushie80
EQ2 Item:a tiny magical stuffed werewolf plushie73
eq2 item:Brown Treeglider Plushie73
eq2 item:Dark Treeglider Plushie73
eq2 item:Languid Crocodile Plushie73
eq2 item:Siren Beguiler Plushie73
eq2 item:Siren Enchantress Plushie73
eq2 item:Siren Temptress Plushie73
EQ2 Item:Skeletal prowler plushie70
eq2 item:Antonican Grizzly Plushie70
eq2 item:Cave Spider Plushie70
eq2 item:Chipper Gingerbread Plushie70
eq2 item:Darklight Growlier Plushie70
eq2 item:Effigy of the Storm Queen Plushie70
eq2 item:Enchanted Lasher Plushie70
eq2 item:Faydark Guardian Plushie70
eq2 item:Festive Gingerbread Plushie70
eq2 item:Golden Wyvern Plushie70
eq2 item:Green Wyvern Plushie70
eq2 item:Nektulos Owlbear Plushie70
eq2 item:Red Wyvern Plushie70
eq2 item:Ripper-snapper Plushie70
eq2 item:Sabertooth Tiger Plushie70
eq2 item:Scaled Wyvern Plushie70
eq2 item:Shadow Wyvern Plushie70
eq2 item:Shissar Custodian Plushie70
eq2 item:a magical mini beaver plushie70
eq2 item:a tiny magical gazer plushie70