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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
Tomb Of The SeeressInstanced Indoor3235Classic
Squire's HoldInstanced Outdoor1010Classic
McScroogle Corp. HQInstanced Indoor190Classic
The Super Secret Gigglegibber HideoutInstanced Indoor3040Classic
The Seafury HideoutInstanced Indoor2080Classic
A Four Room House, Version 1Player Housing00Classic
An Out Of Body ExperienceInstanced Indoor00Classic
A Nerian ResidencePlayer Housing00Classic
A Four Room House, Version 3Player Housing00Classic
Shard Of Love: A Moment Of ValorOutdoor50100Classic
Temple StreetCity110Classic
The Lair Of The NecromancerInstanced Indoor2535Classic
Oakmyst ForestOutdoor312Classic
Sunken CityIndoor415Classic
The Darkblade Den Of AssassinsInstanced Indoor812Classic
Research Hall Of Mayong MistmooreInstanced Indoor190Classic
The Overlord's Throne RoomInstanced Indoor3745Classic
Beggar's Court: Sweat-Stained CobblesClassic
Freeport Sewer Epic 02 Placeholder NameClassic
Portal To The Past: GukInstanced Indoor90100Classic
The Shattered Vale: A Bold ConfrontationInstanced Outdoor2050Classic
Private Opera HousePlayer Housing1100Classic
Suite Inn RoomClassic
The Burning CauldronInstanced Outdoor3750Classic