The Poets Palace : Return  

Level60 - 70
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionDesert of Flames

This is the raid version of The Poets Palace. It's for 24 players. You gain access to it by completing the Capturing Day and Night quest.

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General information

* 1 person in raid needs access to this zone: Capturing the Day and Night.
* Six days reentry.
* All named seem to drain power.
* Nameds are worth aa now 2/10/11.

1st floor

1st room

5x large group of heroics remains of failed raiders

Raktash The Low

Health: 420kHP
Resists: Crush
Attack: Crushing, Magic

+ remains of failed raiders

Health: ???HP
Resists: Crush
Attack: Crushing, Heat

Very easy mob.

2nd room

2x large group of heroics remains of failed raiders
1x group of epics books

3rd room

2x large group of heroics remains of failed raiders
1x group of epics books

4th room

1x large group of heroics remains of failed raiders


Health: 670kHP
Resists: Melee
Attack: Crush, disease

+2x scriptorium assistant Health: 450kHP
Resists: ??
Attack: Crush, divine, poison

* Drains power
* Not possible to mezz adds probably
* Not possible to keep aggro (even tank gives her 6k dmg and two master taunts he changes her target) - You may want to have off-tank, taunting her all the time, together with MT.
* Main DPS is provided by her adds
* Djinn's ring should help with this encounter but we did not looted it yet. Shimmering Ring of the Djinn - this ring must be equipted in the ring slot in order for it to work. This ring will prevent the massive power drain the Djinn attacks with.
* Good way to tank her is haviing a high T7 Necro / Conj in Raid if u do not happen to have a valuable off-tank. Just put the Necro /Conj in a sep. MT group, let him summon his tank pet and buff it as MT. One Paladin needs to be in this group as well to put Amends on the Necro / Conj. the pet is able to hold aggro pretty well and if the healers should fail to keep it alive with all the aggro trasferred to the paladin he should be able to hold Aggro through the rest of the encounter. This even works on the 3.

2nd floor

1st Room

Akte'Hut the Eternal

Health: 582kHP
Resists: Divine
Attack: Slash, divine

+2x Eternal Guardian

Health: 150kHP each
Resists: Divine
Attack: Crush, poison

Spawns after clearing "a fallen raider" encounters on the second floor.

2nd Room

3rd Room

4th room

a guilded cyclops - sort of a ring event need to keep killing these till you get the named to pop.

Krathuk the Golden

Health: 637kHP
Resists: Divine
Attack: Crush, divine

+4x a guilded cyclops

Health: 210kHP
Attack: Crush

5th Room

a fallen raiders - small ring event to clear the room to get to the mirror for the 3rd floor

3rd Floor

The longest part : a lot of mobs with a big amount of HP each.

Need to clear everything that is alive to get the event continuing : twins spawning and after their death you gain access to the 4th and last floor. Trash mob and trash mob and again trash mob : when u go through a door the whole raid must go with u and never stay back because in some place some trash will spawn again after some kill and u will have some death if they ninja afk.

1st Room

1x large group of heroics remains of failed raiders

Group of 3, x3 a grand palace guardian spawn after raiders die. Each guardian has 500k hp. After they die, door on far right becomes openable.

2nd Room

1x large group of heroics remains of failed raiders

Group of 5, x3 a grand palace guardian spawn after raiders die. Each guardian has 400k hp. After they die, door on far left becomes openable.

3rd Room

Left side


2 adds. Agro clear.

Encounter can be pulled solo out of the guardian encounter around him. Drains mana. magic/mental/crushing damage

5th Room

Will not unlock until after you clear all mobs. Very long to clear to this point, but once done, you are almost finished in this zone.

Raneshu & Jenirodi

4th floor

1st Room

Gustrom the Guardian

Spawns a safe distance away from zone up. A very easy mob IF you get your debuffs in. Do not underestimate him, even though he is blue. Once debuffed, MT required no heals.

Once dead, proceed past Keeper room to the left for next named.

Uses Wrath of the dinjin (magic) which hits quite hard..up to 7K on ppl with less then 6000 resistance. also hits quite hard for crushing damage. This may be incorrect but he seemed to get more difficult each attempt. (had 3/4 raid force and wiped a few times)

3rd Room to the left

Pull fallen raiders, then Jura'nata spawns in room. Best to pull to stairs outside of room.


2 adds.

Clears agro often. Best to use two tanks. 4/5 of encounter DPS is done by her adds.

3rd Room to the right


2 adds. Did not agro clear for us, but always good to keep two tanks just in case.

2nd Room


2 adds. Agro clear.

Spawns back in the keeper room. Same difficulty as the other two named. Remember your debuffs - priests are probably lazy after coming this far.

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