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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Kuranam Of The Seven Foals 23 Thundering Steppes No No
Tree Within A Tree 25 Antonica No No
Wave After Wave After Wave 20 City Tasks No Infinite
Veriche Maul 27 Thundering Steppes No No
Hadden's Earring 30 Heritage No No
A Darkened Shard (Level 45) 45 Thundering Steppes No No
Gildas' Requests - Part VI 25 Elddar Grove No No
A Plain Pebble 30 Thundering Steppes No No
Travelers Beware 20 Thundering Steppes No Infinite
Selwyn's Errands - Part III 22 South Qeynos No No
Amazon Thunderbow 27 Thundering Steppes No No
Message Of The Brave 25 Thundering Steppes No No
A Captain's Communique: Eitoa To Sturman 26 Antonica No No
A Darkened Shard (Level 60) 60 Thundering Steppes Yes No
Desperately Seeking Moths! 26 Thundering Steppes No No
A Rediscovered Shrine? 28 Antonica No No
A Gigglegibber's Work Is Never Done (by A Gigglegibber). (Qeynos) 25 World Event No 10 times
The Cove Of Decay - Reforming Stormsunder 31 Thundering Steppes No No
The Treaty For Treasure 19 Access Quests No Infinite
Far Seas Requisition - TS0388-SCO 28 Thundering Steppes No No
Steppe By Steppe 35 Deity No No
Pools Of Carnage 23 City Tasks No Infinite
Dark Creatures Lurk 27 Ruins of Varsoon No No
In Search Of The Feerrott (Qeynos) 34 Access Quests No No
Far Seas Requisition Special Contract #NF112-A 30 Nektulos Forest No No
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