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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Hit Them Where It Hurts 11 Caves No No
Destroying The Foundation 14 Caves No No
Studies In Speciation 10 Caves No No
Gathering Rock Samples 13 Baubbleshire No No
Batwing Crunchies For Jerben 10 Starcrest Commune No No
The Gnollish Menace (The Caves) 13 Caves No No
Elements Of A Ritual 13 Caves No No
High Shaman Of The Rockpaw 14 Caves No No
Barbaric Chores 10 South Qeynos No No
Reinforcements 11 Caves No No
Far Seas Direct Requisition CVS0431 10 Caves No No
An Explosive Idea 12 Caves No No
Anti-venom Components For Brendan 10 North Qeynos No No
Alabaster For The Mages 8 Caves No No
A Lack Of Information 10 Caves No No
Far Seas Direct Requisition CVS0276 8 Caves No Infinite