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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
A Lesson In Gouging 60 Maj'Dul Yes Infinite
From Riches To Rags 60 Maj'Dul Yes Infinite
Hedging Our Bets 60 Maj'Dul Yes Infinite
Blades Champion 60 Maj'Dul No No
Bring The End 55 Maj'Dul No No
Thieving From Thieves 60 Maj'Dul Yes Infinite
Delving Into Darkness 51 Maj'Dul No No
Further Assistance To The Court Of The Blades 52 Sinking Sands No No
Helping The Naga Hunter 58 Pillars of Flame No No
Be Careful What You Wish For 57 Access Quests No No
The Champions Of Rujark 53 Maj'Dul No No
Secrets Of A Used Skull 50 Maj'Dul No No
The Name Of My Forefathers 52 Access Quests No No
Wrapping It All Up 60 Silent City No No
A Thief In The House Of Blades 49 Maj'Dul No Infinite
Court Of Truth: Brush With Celebrity 54 Maj'Dul No No
Court Of The Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part I 53 Maj'Dul No No
Restoration Of The Lamentation 85 Signature No No
Monkey Hunt 52 Maj'Dul No Infinite
An Ancient Desert Power 55 Heritage No No
Court Of Truth: Ishara's Search 52 Maj'Dul No No
Forced Into Retirement 60 Maj'Dul Yes Infinite
Answering Zalara's Summons 50 Maj'Dul No No
Court Of The Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part III 55 Maj'Dul No No
Training Arena 52 Maj'Dul No Infinite
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