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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Devotion 65 Felwithe No No
The Capture Of The Living Flow 55 Felwithe No Infinite
A Poem To The Past 60 Felwithe No Infinite
Purification (Felwithe) 65 Felwithe No No
A Champion Of The Koada'Dal 65 Signature No No
Servant For The Crown 85 Ravenscale Repository No No
Interception 65 Signature No No
Of Fire And Ice: The Flame Disciple's Ring 85 Signature No No
Shareth's Missing Book 55 No No
Of Fire And Ice: A Codex In Crisis 85 Signature No No
Missing Sister 65 No No
Sing A Song Of Sorrow 85 Signature No No
A Crusade To Faydwer 60 Greater Faydark No No
The Book Of Recent History. 0 No No
A Water Tight Case 60 Felwithe No Infinite
The Fourth Warrior - The Leather Cloak 70 Butcherblock Mountains No No