Another Broken Brain  

Since the last bot was of no help, Frigui now sends you to the Treasury of Claw on Strifewind Isle to retrieve another. Bring it back intact this time.

  1. Find the bot.
    • Take the Cloud Station at 323, 284, -605 to Strifewind Isle. The Treasury is directly across from the Cloud Station at -60, -7, -549 .
    • To get to Granddaddy Strifewing upstairs at -170, 111, -1 , you first must kill Nagnag Strifewing. She is in the right-hand room (a nursery), which is the only on you can enter. Kill the fledglings first or they will all attack when you aggro her!
    • After she is dead you can enter the left-hand room and climb up the wall. Kill Granddaddy (in the room down the immediate eastern hall from your ascent) and the bot appears on the floor.
  2. Return to Frigui.

In Search of a Bot Cloud Mount
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Third Bot is the Charm
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