A Diplomatic Mission  

CategoryQueen's Colony
On Stage: 4
Has Quest: Doggone It!
On Part: 1
Can Start Quest: A Diplomatic Mission
Completed Quest: Doggone It!
Not Complete Quest: A Diplomatic Mission
On Stage: 4
On Part: 1
Has Quest: Doggone It!
On Stage: 3
Has Quest: Ghosts and Goblins
On Part: 1
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 50c
Max Coin: 66c
Diplomat's Badge

This quset is given by the Sapswill Soothsayer in the treehouse, after you complete the Doggone It! quest. It is a simple quest that involves no combat. All that you need to do is greet various goblins, to spread goodwill. Many of these are not named the same as the names in used in the journal. That is okay though, the easy thing to do is just greet the ones with the quest market over their heads. They are all at the treehouse, or at the small camp near the pond.

  • Greet a Musician: Village by Pond
  • Greet an incapacitated Sapswill: Village by Pond
  • Greet a seated Sapswill: Village by Pond
  • Greet an active Sapswill: Village by Pond
  • Greet a happy Sapswill: Top of treehouse
  • Greet Durg: Bottom of treehouse
  • Greet Gonk: Bottom of treehouse

After greeting everyone, you should then greet High Chieftain Grexx who will give you your reward.

Doggone It! Isle of Refuge
Quest Series
Queen's Colony
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