Calling in the Cavalry  

CategoryFens of Nathsar
Completed Quest: Intentional Roughing
Completed Stage: 1
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Related Items:
Signal Horn
Min Coin: 17g, 22s, 36c
Max Coin: 18g, 25s, 39c
Choice Of:
Reaper's Claws of Mangling
Symbol of Rilissian Steel
Master Swordbreaker
Orb of Rilissian Steel
Massive Flail of the Fens
Guard of Rilissian Steel
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  1. Go to the Rilissian Lowlands where you will find a number of tents surrounded by exiled bandit aggressors (near -156, -73, 204 ).
  2. From anywhere within the camp, sound the Signal Horn ( -156, -73, 204 is reported to work).
  3. Kill 15 exiled bandit aggressors
  4. Return to Omen's Call and report the victory to Thalin Trueguard.
Intentional Roughing Fens of Nathsar
Quest Series
Omen's Call
Finish It
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