Stone Cold Delivery  

CategoryThe Sundered Frontier
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Choice Of:
Paineel Defender's Bangle
Paineel Stalker's Bangle
Paineel Healer's Bangle
Paineel Assaulter's Bangle
Faction Changes:

  1. Head to Paineel. Use the Temporal Guide at 946.37, 121.10, 3679.19 .
  2. Speak with Inayat Wijdani at 1651.89, -297.84, 3161.79 in the Hall of Necromancy.
  3. Return to Fazia Al'Khattab to complete the quest.

This ends Fazia's quests, but Masih Najjar will speak to you now and offer the quest, Enhancing the Patrols.

Rocky Road The Sundered Frontier
Quest Series
Stonebrunt Encampment
Enhancing the Patrols
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