"Even More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy"  

This quest is initated by reading the book "Even More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy". This book is dropped on the Corrupted Halflings in Rivervale. It consists of 9 kill tasks in Rivervale. After completing each kill task you must read the book to receive the next step. The steps are:

  1. 10 Corrupted Tailors (spawn in The Loom)
  2. 10 Corrupted Tailors
  3. 10 Corrupted Tailors
  4. 10 Shadowed Halflings
  5. 10 Shadowed Halflings
  6. 10 Shadowed Halflings
  7. 10 Blightrats
  8. 10 Blightrats
  9. 10 Blightrats

After completing all nine steps and reading the book you will receive a nice chunk of experience and a furniture version of the book which can be placed in your home and read.

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