A Final Froglok Word  

This quest begins and ends by talking to Lady Erillis in the Hidden Refuge in Tenebrous Tangle, and completes the epic "Qeynos Claymore" quest line.

She reveals some interesting information regarding the Claymore and the Awakened, and then offers you a choice of final rewards, weapons of amazing power and quality.

Game Update #57
August 18, 2010
From the GU57 Patch Notes: "Halas Citizens with the quest "A Final Froglok Word" will now find they can converse with Lady Erillis."

Note: From the 9/1 hotfix:
  • The statue of Razorwing Steeldown within "Ascent of the Awakened" will now grant a replacement "Totem of Aaryonar" to anyone who has lost it and completed the quest "The Riddle of Razorwing."
  • The "Totem of Aaryonar" is no longer removed upon completion of the quest "Feeding the Flames.” It is now removed upon completion of the quest "A Final Froglok Word."

The Final Report Claymore
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