Need to Stick Together  

CategoryThe Sundered Frontier
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  1. Now you have to venture out of the village. Head to -238.82, 256.58, 3239.03 and use the ramp to get out of the village.
  2. When outside, head to -15.01, 225.77, 3544.30 for a short cut to Toxxulia Forest.
  3. The mobs you want, a toxic crawler, are around 738.85, 6.88, 3467.10 . Kill 12 of them.
  4. Once they are dead, use "Jin'tu's Gift" to get back into the village, head to -408.96, 281.17, 3111.74 and hail Jaen Tiuni.

Timesaver! This quest has steps, hunting areas, or mob targets in common with the following quest(s).

Meeting the Locals The Sundered Frontier
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The Hua Mein Village
A Pic-a-nic Basket
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