A Portrait of Destiny  

This is a great quest for fans of Everling lore. It starts in Nektropos Castle. Go to Pelleas' room at -36, 0, -57 and examine the picture of Everling and his six daughters on the desk. You must go through all the examine choices on the picture. (Note: you don't get the quest until a later step, but you have to finish this step to be offered the quest.)

If the picture isn't there, wait a while and a servant will come and place it there. Now you're going to go on a grand adventure, looking for items that belonged to his daughters.

Head upstairs to Crysta's Bedroom and click on the picture on the wall to get the quest. It gives you a list of six items that you need to find. They're all inside the castle. They are:

  • Paintbrush - Crysta's Room - examine the canvas on the easel across from where you get the quest, at 52,14,-88
  • Wrench - Melanie's Room - the canopic jar.
  • Leash - Jenni's Room - the leash hanging on the wall.
  • Flower - In the basement below Dierdre's Room - the shovel leaning against the wall.
  • Heart - Sheila's Room - the mirror on the wall.
  • Sword - Castle entrance, near the necromancer - rag doll on the ground. 11,-0,32 Gather it to get update.

You're then told that you need to get the five dolls that belonged to the other daughters. These are in Nektulos Forest:

  • Melanie's Doll - Near the Obelisk of Lost Souls entrance at -87, 91, -2227
  • Crysta's Doll - Camp Leeot at 134, 65, -1473
  • Sheila's Doll - Citadel of Gul'Thex at 699, 22, -707
  • Deidre's Doll - Behemoth Pond at -215, 3, -278
  • Jenni's Doll - Inside a cave in The Valley of the Bears at -1385, 28, -700

Head back to Nektropos Castle, go down to the basement, and talk to Alexa to open up the hidden areas. In Everling's Research Lab, you'll find six spots on the floor. Right click on each to place the appropriate doll. When they're all in place the quest reward, The Idol of Everling, will appear in the center. It's a house item with a rent status reduction of 200.

Whatever you do, do not lose this idol... it will become important later!

Nektropos Castle
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