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Talk to Saihah Al'Lad in Paineel Council Chamber to start this quest.

  1. Ok, this sounds easy, go to the Petrified Badlands and kill stuff... except you've never been there!
  2. So, use the teleporter and go to the Launch Pad. Talk to the Temporal guide and select Eye of Dartain.
  3. Once there, kill any three wayward stonevines. They're level 79v, so easy to kill. Plenty of them around 1807.94, -8.31, 4010.07 but make sure you do not walk into a petrified roper!.
  4. When you've done, return to Saihah Al'Lad in Paineel.

Archiving the Reports The Sundered Frontier
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The City of Paineel
The Hole Truth
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