Toxic Teachings  

CategoryThe Sundered Frontier
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  1. Head to -238.82, 256.58, 3239.03 and use the ramp to get out of the village.
  2. When outside, head to -15.01, 225.77, 3544.30 for a short cut to Toxxulia Forest.
  3. Once there, head to 474.36, 142.62, 2997.51 and kill 15 toxic leeches. (if you have problems finding them, look for eggs on the ground. moving near the eggs will spawn 4-6 linked leeches.)
  4. When you have killed 15, use "Jin'tu's Gift" to get back into the village.
  5. Head to -385.45, 280.06, 3002.39 and hail Matron T'Akinu to complete the quest.

Grab and Go The Sundered Frontier
Quest Series
The Hua Mein Village
Clawing the Way Out
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