An Eggsellent Task  

Grants AA
CategorySanctum of the Scaleborn
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Choice Of:
Eggshell Studded Belt
Membrane Stitched Duffle Bag
Horn-tipped Longbow

This is the last quest after completing the quest Short Froglok Arms. This quest begins by talking to the Froglok prisoner Gribbly the Gallant in the Scaleborn Cell inside Sanctum of the Scaleborn. He asks you to search for magical eggs in the Chamber of the Diviners. You can find this chamber by passing through the Talonfight Armory and heading down the stairs. Look for a chest and inspect it - it contains the eggs.

After inspecting the chest, you must now:

These are all located within the Chamber of the Diviners.

Once you retrieve all the keys, reinspect the chest of eggs. Then return to Gribbly the Gallant for your choice of three rewards.

Short Froglok Arms Sanctum of the Scaleborn
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