Investigate the Water Source (Hot Water)  

Grants AA
CategoryDrowned Caverns
Level60 (Scales)
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Required Mobs:

Khol Mudflank in Sundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den -67.06, -73.71, -168.73 asks you to find what is ruining the water supply in the Drowned Caverns.

You must kill the The Ghastly Rosch Mal in a zone that borders with the Drowned Caverns: Outter Grotto by the name of The Drowned Caverns: Hot Water (21, 31, -41). To get to him you can follow these directions from Biggerbadger:

- You must find a hole at -86, 23, 87

  • Swim down to next hole at -112, 2, 55. Swim down that one too.
  • Find next hole at -74, -5, -5. Swim up this one.
  • Find last hole at -57, 13, -37.
  • Swim up to find The Ghastly Rosch Mal

The actual loc of The Drowned Caverns: Hot Water is 25, 30.73, -40.79 . Be warned that inside of this zone there are many hot water springs that have a possibility of dropping your invisibility.

Once you have killed The Ghastly Rosch Mal you must return to Khol ( -67.06, -73.71, -168.73 ) for coin and experience.

The Splitpaw Saga
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