A Bloodmoon Rising!  

This quest is for the Mythical version of the Shadowknight-only Epic Weapon, Sedition, Sword of the Bloodmoon.

When you accept the quest you will get a Primordial Ritual Scroll.

  1. Go to Castle Mistmoore in Loping Plains. In the lower jail area swim underwater to the middle room. On a desk at -248, 4, -5 you'll find a Laboratory Note. Gather the Laboratory Note and examine it to update the quest.
  2. Next head to Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum to kill Mayong Mistmoore and receive The Bloodmoon Gem.
    • Note: Mayong Mistmoore in Castle Mistmoore or in Throne of New Tunaria doesn't work
  3. Head to The Temple of Kor-Sha in Chardok and kill Selrach Di'Zok to receive The Heart of the Slave King.
  4. Head to Veeshan's Peak in Jarsath Wastes and kill Phara Dar to receive The Blood of Phara'Dar
  5. Examine the Primordial Ritual Scroll and select Speak the words to receive The Self Empowered Bloodmoon Gem
  6. Return to Atira X'aphon in Kunzar Jungle at the City of Jinisk ( 647, 36, -146 ) and give her Sedition and The Self Empowered Bloodmoon Gem.

They Have Searched an Age For a Dark Champion... Shadowknight Epic Weapon
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