Belts of the Centurions  

Quest is given by Elonca Nusback at the Liberation Squad Camp (-912.01, 117.92, 219.02) in the cave leading to Crushbone Keep.

Quest description:

"In the Cave leading to Crushbone Keep is a small contingent of dwarves preparing to rescue their comrades. One of the liberators, a stout lady named Elonca Nusback, has sought my help in their fight. If I can obtain ten belts from the Crushbone Centurions who patrol the outside of the castle, she will supply me with a belt worthy of my efforts."

10 belts required

The Centurions can be found in the Crushbone Keep area, the centurions inside the castle should also give the update.

Greater Faydark
Quest Series
Crushbone Territory
On the Shoulders of Legionnaires
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