The Bones of Korucust  

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first missing rib bone
fourth missing rib bone
third missing rib bone
second missing rib bone

This is the quest to spawn Korucust.

an iron maiden
an iron maiden
Examine the Iron Maiden to initiate the quest.
  1. Find the four missing rib bones (magic rib bones) inside The Court of Korucust
    • The room with the cages needs to be cleared of spirits before starting this step.
      1. There is a non-aggro 83 wandering cenobite. After you have the other three bones, move the party to hall just outside the pit room, then have one group member attack the wandering cenobite when he gets there. The attacker will be hit once hard, then teleported into a cage in the cage room, three stories up. The cenobite will break. Stay in the cage until everyone gets their bone, then evac to entrance.
      2. The bone needed is in the cage. Harvest the bone.
      3. As you look out of the cage, on the right is a lockplate. You must be fairly close to activate it. Clicking this lockplate frees you from the cage.
      4. Unfortunately, you are still three stories up. To get down, you can try cautiously jumping smaller distances, using the central post and its side beams and cages. Races with hover or glide can simply glide down to the entrance of the hallway. If your safefall isn't good, a gnomish parachute pack might help.
        a magic rib bone
        a magic rib bone
    • The second bone is found after slaying the executioner in the pit room.
    • The third bone is a harvestable glowing blue-purple bone in the cage room. These re-pop fairly quickly, so clear the room and wait until everyone has their bone.
    • SAVE THIS STEP FOR LAST!!! The fourth bone is a harvestable glowing blue-purple bone in the pit room.
      • Once the first bone is harvested in this room, the execution squad will become aggro. Kill them. They do not re-pop.
  2. When everyone has bones 1 to 3, have ONE person collect the fourth bone, then go to the iron maiden.
  3. Place the missing rib bones onto the ribcage of the headless skeleton inside the iron maiden.
    • One person only should click the iron maiden and replace their bones. This spawns Korucust nearby.
  4. When Korucust is slain, the next person should go get the fourth bone and replace their bones, and you get Korucust again. Slay him again!
    • Repeat for each group member. You have 6 chances for shiny boxes!

Note - Korcust can now only be spawned once per instance. Confirmed October 25th 2008

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