Construction Materials - Tier Eight, Ore  

Grants SP
CategoryWorld Event
Related Items:
mineral salt loam
ferrite cluster

Game Update #48
Breaking Ground
Live: Sept. 3, 2008

Director Jasmine (at the Antonica Docks) and Director Hezreal (at the Commonlands Docks) need help getting materials for their construction projects.

This quest requests ferrite and mineral salt loam from any Tier eight zone.


  • The reward for these quests is status.
  • These quests give AA upon first completion.
  • They do not give Adventure or Tradeskill XP.
  • There are rewards for large contributions to the construction effort:



This article refers to events, personae, items and activities that are involved in the Guild Halls World Event, which went live with GU48 on 9/3/2008, and ended with GU49. The events and activities described here are no longer in the game.

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