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  1. Another easy one. Hail the following people:
    • Necromantic Scholar Kirarn - 1656.25, -267.84, 3195.60 in the Hall of Necromancy
    • Strategic Scholar Jup'kib - 1919.79, -198.99, 3413.04 in Hall of the Fell Blade
    • Archanic Scholar Lii'dial - 1986.89, -298.22, 3380.32 in Hall of Wizardry
  2. Once done, return to Inayat Wijdani.
  3. He will send you to see Captain Ghalib Elbaz. This will complete the quest.

(Note: The next quest is Investigating Strange Bones, but you may need more experience before you can get more quests from Paineel. If so, head to 831.21, -48.21, 3394.23 and speak with Boralius to start on the Kerra Isle quests.)

Strange Looking Bones The Sundered Frontier
Quest Series
The City of Paineel
Investigating Strange Bones
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