Searching the Awakened  

You should investigate the Palace of the Awakened on the northern end of the Isle of Awakening. Frigui Togginscog gives you a book binding he found, "just in case it comes in handy". You can if you want just purchase the collection through a broker and just bypass the heroic zone altogether.

  1. Investigate the Palace of the Awakened.
    • The Palace is at 120, 150, 121 on the Isle of Awakening. Use the lift at 80, 150, 210 to cross over. Warning: The zone is Heroic!
  2. You're looking for "a scattered page", the classic flapping paper graphic on the ground. These are for a collection, Drednever journal pages. The binding you were given is part of it. There are 10 pieces including the binding.
  3. Return to Frigui.

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