Dead Fish, Blue Fish  

CategoryJarsath Wastes
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 19g, 93s, 2c
Max Coin: 22g, 2s, 3c
Faction Changes:

Kill Yha-lei for 10 of their imbued weapons, as well as for 10 chunks of meat. The Yha-lei can be found west of the Danak Shipyard.

Not every kill will update both of these, but most will update at least one.

Lieutenant Dansiss Gets New Legs: Me Jarsath Wastes
Quest Series
Danak Shipyards
Faction: Legion of Danak
Something Fishy is Going On
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OOC When paired with an earlier quest at the Howling Stones hub, One Fish, Two Fish, this is a reference to a tie-dyed t-shirt popular at Grateful Dead concerts with the slogan "One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Blue Fish", and to a children's book by Dr. Seuss, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

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