A Base of Operations  

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Min Coin: 23g, 64s, 59c
Max Coin: 26g, 71s, 66c
Ballista of the Kromzek

After reporting news of my successful destruction of Kael Drakkel's defenses at the Arch of Tormax, I've been told to venture onward toward the Grand Rallosian Arena and find the Ragebourne's hidden Base Camp. From there I will be given further instructions their leader, Caerwyn Thomlin.

  1. Find the hidden Ragebourne Base Camp found somewhere inside the Grand Rallosian Arena and meet with Caerwyn Thomlin.
  2. Speak with Caerwyn Thomlin at -960, 77, -993 .

I discovered the hidden Ragebourne Base Camp and met with Caerwyn Thomlin.

A Big Entrance Kael Drakkel
Quest Series
Kael Drakkel (Contested)
The Ragebourne Network: Iceshard Keep
The Ragebourne Network: New Kael
The Ragebourne Network: Nobles District
The Ragebourne Network: Old Kael
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