Orcish Information: Part III  

CategoryGreater Faydark
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 12s, 2c
Max Coin: 13s, 3c
Lucent Gem of Fortitude
Crushbone standard
Choice Of:
Scout's Shortbow
Empowered Totem
Brawler's Belt of Shurikens
Vanguard's Shortbow
Empowered Holy Symbol
Thug's Knifebelt

Speak to Randu K'Van in Spire Shadow Outpost at -447, 124, 490 .

  1. Gather a sample of ore near Crushbone Keep at -1302, 129, 146 .
  2. Return to Randu K'Van

Orcish Information: Part II Greater Faydark
Quest Series
Spire Shadow Outpost
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