Feeding the Irontoe Brigade  

CategoryButcherblock Mountains
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highland stirge egg
Min Coin: 30s, 78c
Max Coin: 33s, 9c
Faction Changes:

Game Update #55
February 16,2010

Verung Kae'Rush in West Fort Irontoe asks that you help with restocking the food stores.

Complete the following tasks in no particular order:

  • Collect 10 stirge eggs in the fields west of the dwarven outpost.
    • The eggs are ground spawn at the base of the trees in the area just outside West Fort Irontoe.
  • Collect 10 pieces of meat by killing highland crawlers west of the dwarven outpost.
    • To spawn the crawlers, you must click the small white rocks that they are hiding under near the larger boulders that surround the area just outside West Fort Irontoe.

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