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CategorySanctum of the Scaleborn
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Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 18g, 85s, 15c
Max Coin: 20g, 15s, 40c

Upon completing Riddle of the Vault you receive a Note from the Palace. Examine the note to begin this quest.

The note is from High Priestess Harla Dar to Cyenadros which states: Cyenadros, see to it that this crystal (a crystal of command that you also receive when opening the vault in the last quest) is destroyed after viewing its directive. We cannot have just any earth walker prancing in here and dunking this gem into the spirit pool. --High Priestess Harla Dar of the Awakened

  1. Peer at the crystal for an update.
  2. Go to the Pool of the Spirits.
  3. Click on the water to throw the crystal into the pool.
  4. You'll have 1.5 minutes to speak to The Voice of the Palace, which spawns in the water. Simply hail it for your update.
  5. Return to the Hidden Refuge in Tenebrous Tangle and speak to Murrar Shar to complete the quest.

Speak to Jabber Longwind near the entrance of Tenebrous for your next quest. Be sure to like The Feathered Fray!

The Riddle of the Vault Claymore
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Expedition to the Barren Sky
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