A Sister's Folly  

Find Xvenloo's sister, Xvenla Ghox, inside Karnor's Castle and make sure she is allright. She snuck in a few nights ago to give the prisoners some of her food and has not returned.

She is in the Jailroom, but she is NOT allright!

Kill the Undead Jailer so you can talk to Xvenla without unpleasant interruptions.

"Xvenloo sent you? You tell him I'm not gonna make it. I've lost so much blood. He drinks deeply of me every day. Xalgoz has a mighty thirst....I tried to escape from here, but the Undead Jailer attacked me! Tell my brother to avenge me!"

Return to Xvenloo to give him the bad news.

Drolvarg Observation Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Kill Them, But Kill Them Respectfully
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