A Light in the Dark  

CategorySundered Splitpaw
Level60 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 2g, 99s, 88c
Max Coin: 3g, 7s, 15c
A luminous bottle

This quest is initiated by examining a mushroom at +69, +5.64, -88.55 in the Zygomyd area of Sundered Splitpaw: Upper Tunnels.

The first order of business is to pick four mushrooms nearby. These are right nearby, where the Zygomyd Cultivators spawn. You don't have to wait for these to spawn, just examine all four of them.

After this you must find a container to put the mushrooms in. You can do this by examining a gnollish chest at -1.36, -3.55, -182.91 in the Upper Tunnels.

You must now find a fire to dry the mushrooms. This is found behind a breakable wall (detonate the barrels to blow it up) in the Upper Tunnels at -97.49, -9.38, -162.23 .

You must then a hammer to pulverize the mushrooms into a fine powder. This is located at -30.28, -12.02, -139.83 in the Upper Tunnels. This is near the zone in to Thundering Steppes. You need to grab the plank from the Zygomod area and then use it to cross over the large hole there. You will then need to drag a barrel over to blow a hole in the wall to reach the hammer. It is in a camp of heroic gnolls.

The reward is a Luminous Bottle which can fit into your activatable slot and act as a bright light source.

The Splitpaw Saga
Quest Series

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