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Level100 (Scales)

This is the final quest in the Betrayal of Kelethin series.

WARNING: This is the point in the quest series where you actually 'betray', and will become an exile afterwards.

  1. Speak again with Saelir Varryn. During the course of your conversation a window will pop up alerting you to the hazards of betraying. Click on 'Continue' to advance the quest. At the end of your conversation, another window will pop up, asking you to confirm your desire to betray. You will do this by typing your character's first name into the box. After that, you can take the quest.
  2. Go inside Sammial Geravius' House at Aerie Kolmas. Right-click the door and select the Enter Sammial Geravius' House option 383, 105, 506 .
  3. After you're in, look for the second room on your left.
  4. Right-click and set to ready mode the barrel located at 27, -1, -5 .
  5. To place the reedmace seeds, right-click the barrel located at 21, -1, 0 .
  6. Right-click and set to ready mode the injection barrel located at 21, -1, 0 .
  7. Mix the berries and mushrooms by right-clicking the bowl on the workbench and selecting that option 17, -1, -11 .
  8. Head back to the injection barrel to place the berries 21, -1, 0 .
  9. Go back to the workbench and right-click it to place the documents on the table 17, -1, -11 .
  10. To inset the Sul Spheres, right-click the machine located at 21, -1, -4 . This will also activate the machine.
  11. To overload the control queue, right-click the workbench located at 17, -1, -11 .
  12. Right-click the machine and set it to quick load mode 21, -1, -4 .
  13. Major Vyr and two Fae Guards will now spawn first room. Talk to Major Vyr. Upon finishing the conversation, you will become an Exile by being banned from Kelethin and taken to Haven.

Now you can pick the city of your choosing to earn faction with. See the Betrayal and Citizenship guide for more information.

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