Speak to Inara in the Lesser Faydark after completing Sampling the Corruption.

  • Buy a Quickening Seed from Fu Laiang ( 815,110,-311 ) at the Disciples of Wu camp in the Lesser Faydark.
  • Return to Inara in the Lesser Faydark.
  • Slay Unicorns in the Lesser Faydark's Glade of Unicorns @ ( 82,-23,60 ) until you receive an auto-updating horn. The horn is also a rare drop from corrupted nightblood invaders in the Shadowed Grove @ ( 429,-35,400 ).
  • Return to Inara. When you give her the horn Inara's Channeled Corruption will spawn. Kill it.
  • Speak to Inara to complete the series and receive your reward.

Sampling the Corruption Lesser Faydark
Quest Series
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