Get Them Steamed  

CategorySteamfont Mountains
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Geobot IX
Min Coin: 2g, 69s, 57c
Max Coin: 2g, 99s, 97c
Pulsing Gem of Fortitude

Plinka Fiddle needs you to release Geobot IX near Beryl Shrimp Geyser -336.56, 93.19, 1353.10 , but first she lets you know that Watchman Fleep is inquiring about you.

First stop and talk with Watchman Fleep ( -632.58, 176.65, 939.16 ) . He requests that you kill 7 deranged clockwork gnomes ( -968, 119, 777 ) and 7 haywire clockwork spiders while you are releasing geobot for Plinka.

Return to Plinka for your reward. This opens up the "New Efforts" quest.

Clockwork Assessment Techometer Steamfont Mountains
Quest Series
New Efforts
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