Finding Fulgation  

Unfortunately an agent from Gnomeland Security by the name of Remmy Fulgation is missing. Our task is to track him down.

  1. The first step is to go to Camp Cobalt to see if he there are any signs of him there. There is an ownerless bag lying on the ground at -386, 101, 1043 , click on it to receive the Day log of R.F. and Fulgation's Grappling Hook.
  2. Read the day log to get the next step of the quest. You need to find a way to the top of the hill near Camp Cobalt because Remmy left his field journal up there. Go to -377, 100, 982 .
  3. If you look on the ground there are two little rocks that you can inspect. It states: "These rocks fell from the ledge above. Perhaps Fulgation found an object on the ledge to hook his grappling hook to." Look straight up the rock hill and you see another stone that you can click on to hook your grappling hook to. This teleports you up to a ledge of the hill. Look up a second time to see another rock that you can hook your grappling hook to. This teleports you all the way to the top of the hill. Remmy's journal is lying on the ground. Right Click on it to take it. ( -398, 135, 991 )
  4. Return to Watchman Plarg for your reward. You can use the same rocks that you used to get up the hill to lower yourself down.

This opens up the "Fulgation's Tracks" Quest.

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Fulgation's Tracks
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