Exile to Neriak - Poison the Water Hole  

Level100 (Scales)
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Faction Changes:

  1. Drizas N'Ryt in Darklight Wood sends you to The Commonlands to poison several outposts.
  2. Collect unclean water from the still waters. Click on a fetid water (looks like a red shiny) node in Pride Lake or around -40,-46,380 .
  3. Pick some poisonous fungus that grows on the banks of the river closest to the graveyard.
    • The fungus can be found on the shoreline between Enlightenment Cemetery and the wizard spires. (around 31,-46,-280 )
  4. Go poison the barrels at The Crossroads and the Thexian Excavation Site. You must do the Crossroads first.
    • The Crossroads barrels are found next to Taskmaster's Assistant Koz'ma and Gubta.
    • The Thexian Excavation Site barrels are found near the Thexian dragoons and excavators in the Yapping Maze around 1400,-35,-218 .

Once that is complete, return to Drizas.

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