Into the Vallon Foundry  

This is a sub-quest to the Operation Green Hood (Deathfist Citadel access) quest.

  1. You must venture into the Vallon Foundry/Deathfist Quarry (the mines on the map) and touch the following smelting pots. You can use invisibility if you are careful and of sufficient level. These are all in the shafts, down the elevator on the lowest level.
    • Smelting Pot of Ikuris - 396, -119, -159
    • Smelting Pot of Horkul - 245, -122, -120
  2. Smelting Pot of Gurkis - 361, -125, -43
  3. After touching all three you must then obtain 4 mining picks. These are semi-rare drops on A Vallon Miners in the mines. They will auto-advance the quest.
  4. After obtaining the four mining picks you must then slay Nixam Dugdiggle in the mines ( 353, -23, -183 ) . It will require a group to do this step. He is found at 355.91, -24.19, -177.66 in the mines. He is level 30-40 (yes that number is correct) with an evil eye pet (Cyclops).
    • You must go up the spiral to the top level, there are 3 levels. The first level is at the bottom of the elevator, from there take spiral to the second level, and from there find the well hidden trail up ONE MORE level. I actually cheated, dropped down from the gangway to elevator, need lotsa health or safe fall to do that. Good Luck!
  5. After completing this step return to The Glademaster. After talking to the Glademaster, he sends you to talk to Tusk at -210,-27,-78 .
  6. Tusk sends you to the top of Deathfist Lookout to retrieve a key in the box. From there, you must find the first and second Deathfist Citadel sewer outlet (at the rear of DFC). The quest finishes once you find both and rewards you with the Badge of the Green Hood Apprentice.

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