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CategoryThe Sundered Frontier
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  1. Head to -238.82, 256.58, 3239.3 and use the ramp to get out of the village.
  2. When outside, head to -15.01, 225.77, 3544.30 for a short cut to Toxxulia Forest.
  3. Head to 602.61, 83.06, 3431.85 and kill 3 a Tox fly (Vespine, 82v-83v) for updates.
  4. When you have all 3, use "Jin'tu's Gift" to get back into the village.
  5. Head to -291.05, 257.98, 3142.87 and hail Majho Jung to complete the quest.

statue of Hua Mein - complete
statue of Hua Mein - complete

One Chip at a Time The Sundered Frontier
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The Hua Mein Village
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