Infiltrating the Sanctum: The Escape  

Grants AA
CategorySanctum of the Scaleborn
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 13g, 79s, 50c
Max Coin: 15g, 4s, 80c
Choice Of:
Smoke Vials of Escape

Talk to Thorn, in the Scaleborn Cell jail with the frogloks.

First you must locate a hammer: -51, 128, 197

She wants you to escort the frogloks back to the entrance of the zone. Do so and return to her for the next quest, Infiltrating the Sanctum: Spirit Pool Recon.

Infiltrating the Sanctum: Kvikz's Assignment Sanctum of the Scaleborn
Quest Series
Infiltrating the Sanctum
Infiltrating the Sanctum: Spirit Pool Recon
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