Qeynos Bounty: Yewon Martrcle  

Level100 (Scales)
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This is 15 of 16 in a series of Qeynos bounty quests for Exiles.

Speak to Gil McMartin at -923, -48, 14 in The Commonlands to begin this quest.

You need to get into East Freeport. As of Age of Discovery, if you're in The Commonlands, you can head to The Thieves' Way through a sewer grate located at -1,251.30, -83.82, 119.95 , just slightly south of The City of Freeport gates. Once inside the sewer the grate leading to East Freeport will be nearby.

  1. In East Freeport, head into the Gorowyn Chancery near the Thieves' Way manhole.
  2. At about -108, -41.58, -43 (the first landing of the stairwell), Yewon Martrcle will pop and attack you. Kill him.
  3. Return to Gil McMartin at -923.36, -47.93, 13.84 in The Commonlands to complete the quest.

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