The Everling Lockets  

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This quest begins by speaking to Alexa in Nektropos.. There is a chapel room that is filled with two groups of Priestesses of Ulkorruuk. After killing these off a named spawn will appear named the Inquisitor of Ulkorruuk. After defeating the named monster you will get to meet Alexa. You will meet this person several times in the zone during this quest and she kind of guides you around. There will be a short monologue indicating that you need to find access to the basement.

Before getting to the basement though, you need to get on top of the castle. The walkthrough below details everything you need to do, including appropriate side quests, from the moment you enter Nektropos until the end in order to complete this quest.

  1. Accept the quest Visions of Hatred when you enter the courtyard.
  2. Go through the east courtyard door at -11, -0.20, 0.11 . Go south down the winding hallways until it veers west and then north. At the end of the hall ( -14, -0.18, 41 ) will be a boar's head, click on it to receive the quest The Boar's Head.
  3. On the way back up the hallway, stop by the chapel at -25, -1, 54 . Kill the priestesses and the Inquisitor of Ulkorruuk, hail Alexa and listen to everything she says.
  4. Go to the north end of the hallway and kill an Everling manservant in one of the northern chambers ( -29, 0, -53 ) . Examine the guard key to finish the Visions of Hatred quest. Now you'll have balcony door access.
  5. Return to the courtyard and go through the western door at 11, -0.16, -0.34 . Go south until you reach the parlor (called the "game room" on eq2map) at 32, 0, 61 .
  6. You're looking for a hastily scrawled note in here. It is either in the dart board ( 32, -0.33, 48 ) , chess table ( 29, -0.07, 54 ) , or one of the pool cue racks on the walls ( 21, 0.10, 60 or 21, 0.02, 48 ). Only one person in the group will be able to pick this note up, but that's all that's needed. You now have access to the secret passages.
  7. Leave and go north down the hallway to the Thexian Dining Room ( 38, 0, -17 ) . Complete The Boar's Head quest from step #2 by putting the eye in the socket at 30, -0.02, -34 . You now have barracks access.
  8. Head south down the hallway again to the Barracks ( 41, 0, 21 ) . Click on the chest inside the room at 17, 0, 33 to get the quest The Red Marble.
  9. Return to the boar head from step #2 ( -14, -0.18, 41 ) and complete The Red Marble quest by clicking the boar head and choosing to place the red marble in its socket. You now have library access.
  10. Now you should go through the secret passage. Cross the courtyard back to the west door and take the hallway south past the parlor. Click the wall sconce at 23, 0, 68 to open the door.
  11. Head up the stairs into Elise's Bedroom. Take a moment to read the diary on the dresser here. There is another staircase up here, take it.
  12. Go north or east ( 7, 30, 82 ) from the room and listen to Alexa. Accept the quest The Everling Lockets. NOTE: Once you kill one of the sisters you will receive an 18 hour lockout timer to the zone.
    • Elise Everling - She spawns at 0.78, -30, -26 , on the bridge between the upper level. Read the diary on the dresser in her bedroom to get her to spawn.
    • Crysta Everling - Examine the bed in her room in the northwest corner at 58, 13, -84 (the first time dolls of nyth will spawn, so do this twice). Choose to read the book and find out she's in Melanie's room. Go back up and head east.
    • Melanie Everling - Her and Crysta spawn together in her bedroom after reading Crysta's diary (see Crysta, above). Her room is in the northeast corner at -49, 14, -77 .
    • Sheila Everling - Click the dresser and try to break it open in the western bedroom at 70, 14, 8 . She will then spawn across the room from it.
    • Jenni Everling- In the eastern bedroom at -64, 13, 1 . Spawns her teacher partway through the fight.
    • Deirdre Everling - Below the southeastern bedroom. WARNING: When you enter her bedroom, there is a very high chance of a level 40 epic x2 mob (Archfiend Izzoroth) spawning! He is leashed at his place on the bottom of the stairs; hurry to the stairwell and head down below the bedroom. Deirdre is down here at -45, 0, 85 .
  13. Once all six sisters are defeated, Alexa will spawn and inform you that she unlocked all the doors in the castle area.
  14. Head into the main castle area and enter the library at -27, -13, 65 . Cross through the western door to the balcony at -12, 14, 55 .
  15. Follow the balcony to the northern door and pass through, turn east and go down the narrow hallway to the Caretaker's room. ( -18, 14, -56 ) After slaying the caretakers you will then have access to the Guard Captain's room.
  16. Leave and go west down the hallway. Take another narrow passage to the Guard Captain's room ( 18, 13, -57 ) . Read the book at 14, 14, -42 and Guard Captain Ga'vin will spawn; kill him to get an update.
  17. Right click the stand at 30, 14, -43 and select "use" to place the sword in the stand. This now acts as a "door knob" for the bookcase doors, which gives you basement access.
  18. Head down into the basement and find Alexa at the end of a long hallway to the southeast ( -42, -14, 42 ) . Listen to her talk.
  19. Go back up the hallway and to the west; click on a torch on the wall at 3, -13, -23 . Enter the research lab.
  20. Examine the scroll on the desk at -12, -14, -12 . Now you can get to Ollix. (click the candles at -14, -14, -13 to leave the lab)
  21. Click the hidden slab door at -22, -14, -22 . Go through and head to -19, -14, 8 to see Alexa again. Kill her and this quest will complete.

The quest ENDS here, but read on to find out how to finish the last bits of the zone!

  1. Ollix Everling will spawn where Alexa did. Wait for him to talk then kill him as well. Now you're ready to face Lord Everling.
  2. Head west and click the door at -19, -14, -2 . Click the slab ahead of that at -2, -14, -3 .
  3. Click the candles at 11, -14, -11 . Pass through the door that opens on the west wall. Walk through the wall across to the west at 27, -14, -5 .
  4. Go down the long hallway (watch out for mob pops), pass through the door at the end and slay The Juggernaught. There is a book on the desk in the room with him that will give you a quest to kill it, so read the book first!
  5. Enter the final chamber to face Maltus Everling. He is a level 36^^^, with two Patchwork Laborer buddies. The Static Shocks in the room are there to heal you, but are difficult to rely on.

After entering Lord Everling's room and defeating him, you have three ways of leaving the zone:

  1. Run all the way back the way you came in,
  2. Use your Guild Hall call, if you have one, or your City Call spell to get out.
  3. In the alcove with the trunk for the last steep for A Missing Mask quest is a blue portal the take you the gate in Nektulos Forest.

There is a 90 min lockout timer on the castle. In other words, you will not be able to reenter the zone for 90 min.

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