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Bracelet of True History
A Tome of True Crushbone History

After you complete A Sense of History Gorreth then tells you to go talk to his friend Korbev on the upper level -5.66, 26.08, -30.68

He tells you to go get a book from the emperors chambers. It is a pile of 3 books on top of the bookcase at -25.59, 22.66, 13.62 , then go back to talk to Korbev who then tells you to go talk to his friend in the dungeon.

His friend is called a "crushbone traitor" located in the dungeons at 68.28, -39.11, -19.17 then go talk to Gorreth and then go talk to Vargon outside again. He needs time to put the pages together.

I just kept hailing until it completed, took maybe a dozen hails.

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