Outland Brigade Reports  

This quest is given to you after you complete the series of Communique quests from Captain Eitoa in Antonica. You must find some scouts in the Thundering Steppes:

Once you have quest he will ask you to find the scouts for him, some are easy others a little more tricky.

Scout Dinardo's report Skeletal Troopers, Veterans and other level 27-28ish undead near RoV. These need not be the ^^ ones. Skeletons in Ruins of Varsoon also work.

Scout Kaylinn's report loc: 1342,12,-226 She is on the ledge overlooking the Sabertooths, north of the western most beach.

Scout Deeryen's report loc: 899,-1,1178 There is a cluster of three large rocks which can be inspected near the coastline. (The rocks are near the Firelock Goliaths). Inspecting these rocks spawns the scout.

Scout Eldyum's report loc: 640,4,-167 At the northern edge of The Village of Thundermist are two defenders (Rowan and Bolaris). Centaurs will attack them from the west and you will need to kill the centaurs. After the third wave of centaurs, the scout will spawn at the rocks to the west of the guards.

Scout Cendalya's report loc: 1408,0,309 This scout is located at the south end of the western most beach on the rocky shore overlooking the bay.

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