An Exalting Experience!  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 1g, 23s, 83c
Max Coin: 2g, 26s, 92c
Frozen Token of E'ci
Choice Of:
Wand of the Snowblind Soldier
The Corrival's Blade
a Frostfell cube
Young Ice Dragon Plushie

Speak to Aildiun Mawdrun at 52,-4,-1180 in Frostfell Wonderland Village to begin this quest.

A member of the League of Freethinkers named Aildiun Mawdrun has reminded you that he knows of the fate of the baby dragon the previous time you entered the Icy Keep. He has stated that he remains uninterested in the baby dragon but has now revealed that he has other interests in the Icy Keep. Since he knows your secret you felt compelled to help him out.

Quest Steps

I must regain entrance into the Icy Keep via the large doors in the Frostfell Wonderland Village.

  1. You must regain entrance into the Icy Keep. Zone into The Icy Keep: The Return.
    • Find out what is bringing the creatures within the Icy Keep back from the grave.
  2. Ice Maiden D'Ina will talk at you and then spawn a named for you to fight: The Frozen Corrival.
    • The Frozen Corrival is a ^^^ named mob that grants AA. He spawns as 1 level higher than the highest level member of your group and has a very basic strategy you need to follow.
    • Have your tank stand in the middle of the room facing, the mobs back to your group. He's basically a tank and spank until 50%. Designate one of your DPS as an Assist.
    • At 50%, The Frozen Corrival will become immune to all damage and root itself. However, it will spawn four ^^ copies of itself and knock the entire group back. Have your tank AOE taunt the 4 mobs and draw them away from the main one. All DPS -must- stop at this point!
    • Your assist needs to target through each of the ^^ mobs until they find one that has a single, red buff on it. This buff is called "The Frozen Dark Heart". All DPS must then assist to kill that add ONLY. We highly recommend avoiding AOE's and Encounter AOE's to make sure the other mobs do not die.
    • If any other add dies, The Frozen Corrival will regenerate back to 100% health and you have to beat him down to 50% again. He also gains a buff to make him tougher. This buff will stack, so you want as few failures as possible.
    • Should all go to plan, you can kill the main ^^^ mob and his health should remain at 50%. He's a basic tank and spank now.
  3. Killing The Frozen Corrival will update your quest. Listen to the conversation, then zone out and return to Aildiun Mawdrun for your choice of rewards.


Your choice of:

Covering Your Snow Tracks! Frostfell
Quest Series
The Icy Keep
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2009.

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